Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type

Show Dates

Oct 15, 2016 through Nov 4, 2016

CLICK, CLACK, MOO: COWS THAT TYPE October 15 through November 3, 2016
Note: This production will be performed at the Extreme Screen Theatre, which is located just down the hall from the H&R Block City Stage where all other Theatre for Young America shows take place.
This extremely popular book for young people by Doreen Cronin has been adapted into a lively musical comedy by James E. Grote with original music by Shole Milos. It tells the hilarious story of disgruntled farm animals—2 cows, a hen, and a duck—who desperately want to improve their accommodations. They want to complain to Farmer Brown but he doesn’t speak Cow, Hen or Duck. Farmer Brown stores some books and a typewriter in the barn, and one of the cows gets the idea that they will type their complaints to the farmer. After honing their English language and typing skills by reading books by Karl Marx, Malcom X and George Orwell, the animals proclaim ‘Power to the animals!’ and take over the farm.

10/15/16 2:00 AM
10/18/16 10:00 AM
10/19/16 10:15 AM
10/20/16 10:00 AM
10/21/16 10:15 AM
10/21/16 12:00 PM
10/22/16 2:00 PM
10/26/16 10:00 AM
10/27/16 10:00 AM
10/28/16 10:00 AM
10/28/16 12:00 PM
10/29/16 2:00 PM
11/1/16 10:00 AM
11/2/16 10:00 AM
11/3/16 10:00 AM
11/3/16 11:45 AM
11/4/16 10:00 AM

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